What beer are you drinking

This thread is 18+ ok lads and lasses

Currently I drink either Heineken or Amstel with a preference of amstel.
If i’m going to drink in a pub I drink ale over lager as cask ale is good. (My choice would be Marstons pedigree)

Heineken? ahem. ‘Forget that stuff’,


At least it’s not fosters

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One of my favourite jokes, why is Fosters like making love in a boat? :sweat_smile:

Saltaire Cascade, followed by Abbeydale’s Slam Dunk Da Funk

If I go the pub I quite like a Peroni.

At home I drink spirits such as vodka, rum or brandy

Tonight I’m trying this from www.wildcraftbrewery.co.uk

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At the moment a pint of courages

looks like those flowers could do with some

I rarely drink beer, but I really liked the Budweiser 66 that they stopped doing a few years back. I think they still do it in one small European country.

None, I don’t drink beer. If I drink alcohol, it’s Vodka (and only Vodka).

Not that I’ve consumed alcohol in months. I just don’t see the point of it :man_shrugging:

Negra Modelo for me.


Tried this for the first time yesterday at my local craft beer bar - really enjoyed it!


Old speckled hen today, a good old fashioned beer.

I was out for food last night and had a Duchesse de Dourgogne :beer:

San Miguel 90% of the time, Peroni the other 10% …

Legal: Actual % may change due to current supermarket offers. Other beers are available. Please drink responsibility. :grin: