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Hello I have tried to reward £10 to my virgin mobile account from airtime rewards and it keeps saying failed - Help

This is nothing to do with Monzo. You simply link your debit card so that Airtime Rewards can see which retailers you’re spending at and how much so they can calculate your “earnings”.

At no point are Monzo involved in the process of a transfer from Airtime Rewards to your Virgin Mobile account.

I suggest you contact Airtime Rewards –


As above.

I’d also suggest that you try and be a little more descriptive with the issue when you talk to them. From what you’ve said on here it’s far to vague. This should help cut down on the back and forth thus resolving it much quicker for you :slight_smile:

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As others said not a Monzo topic, however contact virgin mobile if the voucher isn’t valid or otherwise speak with airtime rewards you can raise tickets in the app

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