Adobe CC COVID-19 discount 2 months free

Cheers, have another couple of resources to look through :wink:

Will DM in future with any Q’s :wink:

Thanks again

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Another one here that hasn’t used Dreamweaver in years :raised_back_of_hand: Until you make the jump you don’t realise how cumbersome it is.

I use visual studio code. It’s free and you can install plugins to enhance it even further and really make it your own :100:

Same here, I love VS Code

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This was good intel, thanks. I went to the chatbot as suggested, got transferred to a real human, told him I understood I could get a discount because of the pandemic and he immediately said, yes, no problem, we will give you three months, not just two. I then waited while he applied that to my account. Next payment now due in July instead of April. Result! :grimacing:

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Also worth asking for a discount when it comes back if you are paying the £50 a month.

We keep ours at £30 when 12mths is up, say the £50 is too much I want the same deal at they give another 12mths with no fuss. I might see if they can go lower.

They could have you paying £1 a month and still be raking it in.