Additional Security?

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Appologies if this has been asked before, but I scrolled for a while and couldn’t see it.

I am wondering if there are any plans to implement some sort of pass-code or fingerprint entry to open the Monzo Bank App?

While I have a code/fingerprint lock on my phone, it would still give me more peace of mind if the app had something between my unlocked phone and all my money :confused:

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Yes, a passcode would be great. This has been suggested before so you may find this thread merged with a previous one at some point.

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I think your answer might be here?

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Ah right, thanks guys, glad it’s been raised and hopefully looked at.


There is Touch ID on the IOS version of the monzo app that you can set-up…are you talking about the monzo bank version?

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Monzo Bank version for the current account, on Android

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As Cos has mentioned, Touch ID protection is available for the iOS app. Fingerprint protection’s on it’s way for the Android app.

There has been a huge amount of discussion about this here :point_down: but if we’ve missed anything, please share your thoughts in this topic -