Custom categories and virtual cards for joint account

Just opened a joint account with my partner to realise there aren’t custom categories within the joint account. I feel if at least one user in the joint account is a Monzo Extra (or above) subscriber, then extra features such as custom categories should be carried across to the joint account also. Similarly, virtual cards. I was wanting to setup a virtual card for groceries for it to come directly out of our groceries pot that we both contribute towards each month and use the card on our Apple Pay when either of us buy groceries.

I understand all features will not be possible to include in joint accounts, however custom categories and virtual cards should be a must.


Been asked so many times, if you’d have searched you’d have seen it loads.

Not gonna happen any time soon.

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Faith :soon:

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When there is silence, my faith slowly builds. Then I see messages like this and it crushes me. :sob:

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