Adding to Pots


I have 3 “pots”, I would like to know if I can add a name to an amount that I put into my pots?, ie :
I organise a few golf trips, people pay into my account, I then transfer the amount each person pays into a pot which I have created, over time all you see is amounts transferred, I would like to add a name to each transaction to the particular pot I have created.


Hey Malcolm,

If you select the pot the money was sent to and select the ‘History’ button:

And then select the transaction you want to add a note/label to and then select the button below:

Unfortunately, this won’t show the note in the history view (it’ll still say ‘Added to pot’) but if you select the transaction the note will be shown.

Would Shared Tabs be any better for this?

That seems like a workaround, thanks for your help

Thanks for your reply, didn’t realise that share existed!,I will look into it, thanks again.

Yeah, it’s on the Payments tab so easy to miss.