Quick "add to pot"

Every month, I get sent some money that I put straight into a savings pot. But, to do that, I go into the pot, click the + button and hope I remember the amount (which varies each month). On top of that my feed just shows an amount of money going into that pot but no context to it.

It would be nice to just click in to the transaction on my feed and select a “transfer to pot” option, where I select a pot and the amount it then sent. On the feed it will then show as the same description as the original transaction, but being sent to the named pot.

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Yes yes yes!

And an option to take out the value of a debit transaction out of a pot.

(I think this has been requested a few times recently. @Revels is the forum AI* who’ll be along soon to show us the duplicates.


Edit: when we call him Rapid Reaction Revels it’s for a reason. #TooSlow.

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