Adding images/photos to contacts

Ok bear with me on this one, I have few ideas.

I think we need to have the option to add contact images to people we make payments to regularly. The one I think I hate is non-uniformity and especially hate when there are missing contact images on apps. It could either be an option to add image as a user ourselves or option to sync with our contacts on our device already.

This could also be integrated with logo selection when making purchases from new retailer etc…

The other area we need to be able to add out photos are in the Pots section. This will allow us to add correlating images for the pots that we create.

I hope these make sense and hopefully they will be introduced soon.

You can already do this :smiley:

Is this an iOS only thing? I cannot see the option to add it on my android phone :confused:

Ah, it’s in the next android update :slight_smile:

Starling has this for all payees. Very helpful

It’s in the Android Beta atm… it’s definitely worth waiting for and won’t be long now!

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here: