Added to Shared Tab without consent

Hey there,

I’ve just had the experience of someone adding me to a shared tab without my consent/agreement. I selected “leave” and that seemed to work fine BUT it made me feel a bit vulnerable… I guess I’m looking for reassurance that it isn’t possible for anyone to take money from my account without me actioning it.

Is that so?

Yes you would still have to actually send the money to them it just showing that they think you owe them money but won’t just take it out your bank without your knowledge


Thank you, good to know

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Your welcome and welcome to the community forum

This sounds quite creepy!

Was this person who opened the bill split request a friend/acquaintance trying it on or was it a complete stranger who happened upon the wrong details for the person they were meant to be splitting with?

I’ve noticed that your last reply was via email and I assume that’s your signature at the end? Might want to be careful otherwise your posts on here may get flagged for spam :slight_smile:

Oh gosh yes!!! Thank you for highlighting it, it is indeed an auto signature, will be mindful from now :slight_smile: