Request full transaction amount on Shared Tab

I get really annoyed when my partner or I are due the other the full amount of a transaction but it won’t let us set it up that way - find the Shared Tab generally very restrictive in terms of amounts and we’d really like to use it more :frowning:

We use shared tabs and it lets us do this?
When you select to add a transaction you can change the amounts shared. Just select the plus button next to the amount and push it to the full amount. That way they pay everything and you pay nothing and it’s still logged against the shared tab :+1:


Hopefully that made sense :joy:

Yeah we’ve been trying to change the amounts but it never lets us take it to zero, the other person always has to pay a share… I must be doing something wrong :see_no_evil:

In fact!!! It seems to work with cash withdrawals and transfers, but i can’t do it with card payments… so if he buys me a bottle of wine and then tries to request the money back it doesn’t work… it also doesn’t work for custom bills…

That sounds like a bug. I’ve just checked on mine, see screenshots below. Takeaway Toby Carvery for the win btw :+1:

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Hmmmmmm that is odd! But we’ve been doing it in the actual Shared Tab rather than via bill splitting… away to play! :blush:

It’s not clear from the screenshots but that was after selecting ‘Add to Shared Tab’

It just seems to say Split Bill after selecting that.

Okay I feel like an absolute doughnut… we’ve been using the + and - buttons, but they must be % based??? I just typed over one with the full amount and it worked :see_no_evil::joy::joy: thanks for your help!!!

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I just tap the plus button repeatedly until it gets to 0 :joy:

Good to know you can type in directly as well :+1:

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