Add support to create custom passcodes

Hi all,

I don’t know if this is a popular opinion shared, but I think Monzo should allow us to create our own 6 digit passcode in order to allow us to get access to the account.

Hypothetically, if someone got robbed and demanded for the passcode, it would give them pure access to unlock the Monzo app, make bank transfers and have access to all the money stored.

I think the option for a custom passcode would be nice just to give people an extra peace of mind would be nice.


So in your scenario, a 4 digit passcode is something an attacker can get and use, but not 6 digit?

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I meant that it provides an extra sense of security that my banking app has a different passcode like all my other banking apps and is not reliant on one singular passcode.

I personally don’t see how this feature would be to the detriment of any user.

Especially a thief would not ask for all your different passcodes, just your main phone passcode in order to unlock it.


You can already do this and they should be different.

6 vs 4 makes no difference if someone has a knife.


The point isn’t to have a 4 digit passcode. The point is to have an extra passcode before unlocking the app. It can be anything just to have a certain extra barrier.

There’s a reason why other banks do this, such as Starling. Even if it’s not for security, it’s not going to be bad at all if money held was just protected by an extra passcode. For whatever reason is irrelevant.

You can already set a passcode or biometrics to open the app.


How can I do this? Also biometrics does not count because if I fail the biometrics I can still enter in my iOS passcode

It’s going to use the iOS passcode if I’m not mistaken which is useless if they know my passcode


You use the iOS code to open the app and your Monzo pin to do anything in the app.

My passcode is π.
My pin is π.
My Monzo passcode, if they replaced the iOS passcode fallback with their own (which I fully support btw), would also be π.

I’m sure there’s been suggestions to this nature before, but you didn’t your job! So I’ve voted on this one.

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It would enable them to unlock the app but they wouldn’t be able to do transfers unless they also have your card PIN. Even if you set the app to authenticate payments/transfers via biometrics the fallback authentication for this is the debit card PIN (unlike the fallback authentication method for unlocking the app).

So ability to set an app unlock code would an extra layer of privacy protection rather than an extra layer of direct theft protection.