Add information tag to payee details

Each month I pay things like the milk man for example, each of these are just personal banking details and so will show as their initial and surname, it would be great if I could add a tag ‘milkman’ etc.

Add whatever it is as the reference? Then it will show in your feed under the name/amount.


Are you an iOS user @Uksilversurfer? This is possible on :android: but not :apple: as per the parity wiki.

This might work for the milkman example but wouldn’t for say a credit card as the reference is normally used to identify your payment.


That is one option, thank you, but this doesn’t show in the recently paid list

Presumably you’re happy it’s definitely the milkman, so just put the name as Milkman instead of his actual name, and just override the confirmation of payee warning.

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Great idea

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