Add future Kickstarter payments

I back a decent number of Kickstarter projects, and it would be really useful to add the future committed payments to projects into Monzo. I’ve just had a bit of a shock where I forgot about a pair of project payments and then they all turned up in one go! It’s probably worth adding both projects that are fully funded (i.e. will definitely go out) and those that are still uncertain, just so I’ve got a single view of money going out of my account.

Put the amounts in a Pot?

I don’t think a banking app should show theoretical amounts which may or may not be taken in the future, it should really be a factual list of transactions.

I’m already getting theoretical future amounts e.g. payments to other credit cards. This feels in line with that - a future payment that’s believed to be likely to happen, but hasn’t happened yet.

I believe you can.

Tap on a payment and scroll down. There will be a toggle that says this is a repeating payment and to expect it each month.

I have a few payments which are roughly the same (or they are the same) each month which I have flagged.

For example I have a subscription which is easy, a subscription which goes to different accounts but is the same amount (harder), and a flexible payment which is slightly different each month. But I can flag that these are expected payments.

Does that help out?

Adding planned future payments is something I’d really like. Not just for Kickstarter, but also for pre-orders at places that don’t take the money straight away. At the moment I make a note in a spreadsheet which I refer to when I get paid so I know how much I need to put to one side. Speculative amounts for things like car insurance (which is a different amount and a different merchant every year) would also be useful.

So these aren’t repeating payments in the sense of “every X period of time Y amount goes out”. They’re a lot more irregular, both in time variation and money amounts, and so need a new feature rather than re-using the repeating payments work.

Yeah I’ve been hit with kickstarter payments coming out when I had kinda forgotten about them… I’d use Pots for this though as I don’t know any way this could be ‘programmatically’ done. Kickstarter don’t ‘reserve’ the payment amount from your card so how would Monzo know about it? Manual entry isn’t an ideal solution I don’t think.

For now I’d go with creating a Kickstarter Pot and everytime you back, pop the amount in the Pot.

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