Pot tags/Descriptions

Could you please enable tags/descriptions to be stored on pots?

Currently I put aside an amount to various pots each month and save the breakdown of what it covers in a spreadsheet. For this example, obviously I could ’simply’ setup multiple smaller standing orders. But I’d rather keep it as a consolidate total and sometimes a more detailed note would be beneficial…

Not sure I follow how having notes against a Pot would help with this? What are you gonna write in them?

I didn’t understand it either and questioned it in the original topic below:

I think the better solution (someone mentioned in the above topic) would be the ability to group pots.

I disagree, I would find a notes section in pots extremely useful.

For example, I have a pot where I set aside money on payday for cash expenses (paying our cleaner who insists on cash, getting the car washed, etc). These are numerous and small amounts that don’t warrant a pot each, but sometimes I forget whether or not I’ve included them in a pot. At the moment I have a spreadsheet to keep track, but a description field would be much more useful.

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OK, that makes some sense.