Add custom images to your Pots


Yes Simon :boom:

(Kieren) #42

Can I have this now please :slightly_smiling_face:

(Simon B) #43



Is that iOS’s new account screen or the old one?

(Kieran) #45

Looks like the old one to me :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #46

Yeah, it’s the old one. The specific build we are testing the custom pot images still has the old account screen, while other builds have the new account screen but not the code to test the custom images…

(Richard) #47

I’m starting to hate that emoji…

(Alex Sherwood) #48

It’s impossible to hate that emoji :grin:




Awesome! Looking forward to this for sure :smiley:

@Peter_G props man, I feel like your Xmas Wish List definitely helped to keep it on the radar.


Is this available on iOS yet?

(Richard) #52

All you’ll get is a :soon:

(Adam) #54

I signed up to the Community Savers Challenge app updates and this is the last screenshot of the first feed advice:

Looks like custom images really are :soon:!

(Dan) #55

I’m going to guess at Monday 4th… they’ll do it as the main feature release in March…

(Lesley Sharp) #56

Ohhhh, I’m defo going to have a purple pot now. To save up for a trip to Minneapolis. Sigh.

(Simon B) #57

I was there last April… Paisley Park, First Avenue, the “Purple Rain” house, Electric Fetus record store and many others… a full on purple pilgrimage!

(Simon) #58

(Micky) #59

Is that on Android? I’m not seeing anything different on iOS

(Simon) #60

Is iOS but TestFlight. Although it has only appeared today I think as I created a pot yesterday (possibly day before) and it wasn’t there.

(Lesley Sharp) #61

Oh my days, I’m well jell! What did you think/feel about the experience? It’s going to be a while before I’m able to go. Perhaps I can experience it vicariously in the meantime, LOL!