Add custom images to your Pots

(Kieren) #62

I’m seeing this after todays release - edit pot has removed the horizontal scroll of images, and now if I press the existing pot image whilst in edit it offer “Select from Monzo Gallery” … fingers crossed Custom Pot Images are imminent now - then we just need iOS new accounts screen!!

(Luke Young) #63

Awesome, was thinking about this when creating a wedding pot. Nice job :smiley:

(Micky) #64

Not so :soon: after all then. Is this still going through testing?


Same here no custom images yet whilst in TestFlight too

(Dan) #66

It’s in staff testing… see here…

Edit - Ignore this… I was being thick…

(Kieran) #67

Isn’t that for the new account page not custom pot images?

(Dan) #68

Oh yeah… my bad… its been a long day :rofl:

(Nathan) #69

I remember @simonb put a post up showing the custom pot images in staff testing also.

Should be ready soon because i cant understand why there would be a need for much testing with a feature like this, in my eyes not much can go wrong :man_shrugging:

(Simon B) #70

It is close to being done. Custom Pot Images is a Monzo Time project, meaning engineers work on it in somewhat irregular “off time” from the big ticket stuff they are spending most of their time on. So even though it might be, say 95% done, that doesn’t mean the last 5% can get done right away. As far as I can tell we will be launching this pretty soon though.

(Kieren) #71

Are we talking one iteration, 2 iterations, a full month? Just a ballpark figure would be nice, as ‘soon’ is very subjective

(Nathan) #72

I reckon it has to come this month.

Otherwise they wouldnt have put it in the march update :thinking:

(Kieren) #73

Yea I was thinking this, but I’m hoping it will be in the next week or 2 as the foundations appear to be in place now, what with the changed interface to edit the pot image

(Simon B) #74

Probably either next week or the following, assuming there’s no major blockers.

(Kieren) #75

Thanks Simon, This is music to my ears!

Seems really daft but I have been squirrelling my money away into a pot for my car service and it was really starting to bug me that there was no automotive related image :wink:


Mine are all just different colours. I’m running outta colours - so this will be a welcome upgrade.

(Nathan) #77

Im gunna be 100% honest and say whilst this is a great step forward im still going to continue to not use pots when this comes in :grimacing:

The locked pot made pots useful again to me, once that was removed and without interest ive now just started to use starling pots for my smaller goals and marcus for larger savings

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #78

It’s coming soon :boom:

I’ve tried my old tricks but I can’t get this one working unfortunately :see_no_evil: Just thought I’d share the below string with this thread though :wink: It’s definitely in the works :raised_hands:

(Kieren) #79

Would I be right in assuming that it would be a similar situation if/when custom contact images are implemented? (I don’t know about others but having a mix of monograms and pictures in my feed frustrates me a touch)

(Micky) #80

Yeah it frustrates me as well, then you look at starling and they’ve had custom images for pots and contact forever

(Paul) #81

A bit disappointed that a feature that has been requested and promised so much - and which would make such a big difference to the user experience and customisation of the app - isn’t valued enough by Monzo to get proper development.

Surely if people weren’t having to squeeze this into Monzo Time, it could have just been completed and implemented by a team fairly quickly?