Add custom images to your Pots

(Matt) #21

Will this come to Android on the same timescale as iOS?

(Splodf) #22

I finally get to use this on a pot!

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #23

If I upload a pic where is it being stored, on device or somewhere on Monzo’s servers?


My assumption is that the priority of this was low compared to other (mission critical) projects.

(David Walton) #25

I was curious about this too - the fact that iOS screens were shown to promote the feature - look up 12 previous posts from this one (or immediately below…)

(Ed Stubbs) #26

Great news @cookywook


I would assume they would be stored at monzo - otherwise whenever you get told to delete and reinstall the app for the hundredth time, you would lose all your pot pics.

(Micky) #28

Didn’t we already see the screenshots of this feature months ago? I’d personally rather wait a bit longer and see the post that states the feature is live rather than see a post saying “coming soon”

(Splodf) #29

Coming soon tends to mean imminently.

I’d be surprised if this doesn’t make an appearance in app within the next 7-14 days, if not before.

(Micky) #30

I know it’ll be released soon but I see the updates from Monzo thinking “sweet, new feature!” Only to see a post saying “coming soon”, I’d rather just see the post after it’s released

(Kieren) #31

At least a timescale when it is saying Coming Soon - and to save getting hopes up, thread titles could be pre-pended with “CS:” to stem our excitement a little

(Splodf) #32

Their wouldn’t be a hype train if there wasn’t enough time for everyone to come aboard…

(Kieren) #33

True enough - to be honest I have a pot for my car service, and there is no ‘pre-defined’ automotive pot image so I am stoked for this…


Perhaps a connection to,,, etc could be used for a stock library?

(Jack B) #35

Don’t understand why it is taking so long for this to be added. Seems to have been ‘coming soon’ for a long time now.

(Splodf) #36

I would imagine it’s a resource problem rather then a technical problem.

In the grand scheme of things it’s a pretty trivial issue.

However, I’m really happy to see that’s it’s close. I’m hoping that when Monzo see how much love this feature gets it encourages them double down on improving and extending existing features.


I doubt it was a big change to implement. Probably priority.

(Jordan Austin) #38

Yes yes yes. At long last!

(Alexander) #39

So glad to hear that! Can’t wait for the change as it would be a lot easier to recognise each pot :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #40

100% on-brand :purple_heart:

Testing on iOS, haven’t got an Android build yet.

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