Add Chase U.K. and Virgin Money Credit Cards

Please can Monzo add Chase U.K. and Virgin Money Credit Cards to the Accounts section for Plus and Premium customers? It appears both have the right API as they can both be added to Emma. Thanks!

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Chase don’t have a credit card yet, but the current account is already confirmed to be coming very soon by Monzo.

Hey Lewis :wave:

We’re working on adding both those banks to our connected accounts feature. For Chase we’re working on solving a problem on our side, as they have a separate base url for both their PIS & AIS apis, which we haven’t see before with other providers.

And this is the latest Virgin Money credit card update (we’re still waiting to hear back):



Hey Lewis any update on the virgin credit card front?
It’s the last card I need to get all mine into Monzo

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Hi Joseph :wave:

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We reached out to Virgin Money for an update just before the festive break. They believe they’ve figured out the problem and were hoping to test it before the break. Hopefully the problem will be fixed within January, which will then allow us to continue with our integration.

For a bit of context on the issue, once the customer has been redirected back to the Monzo app after approving the connection within Virgin Money’s app. We get back a signed token, which allows us to match up the flow on our side and gain the required data to pull account & transaction data from Virgin.

The issue is with the signature of the signed token, it lets us verify that the token did come from Virgin and not somewhere else. But currently we’re failing to verify it, most likely due to how it’s being generated.

We’re really sorry for delay in integrating with Virgin Money’s credit cards. We’ll continue to keep the community updated throughout out the new year.

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:


Merry Christmas to you too @_lewis!

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@_lewis any update on Virgin Money Integration? It’s the only account I have separate to Monzo so keen to link.

Hi Kyle,

The latest updated from Virgin is that the fix has been deployed to their staging environment, and they’re awaiting some approvals before releasing it in production. At which point we’ll be able to test the fix.



How come does the integration work for Emma and Snoop?

Unsure there’s a couple of explanations, their crypto library could be handling the malformed token better than ours. Or perhaps Emma / Snoop have figured out what’s wrong with the token and been bale to correct it on there side somehow. Another option is they’re not verifying the id_token’s signature that Virgin Money return. It’s hard to say.


Hi @_lewis, is there any update on this?

They can’t be arsed bringing joint accounts in line with personal, never mind Virgin money which IMO isn’t the popular.

Hey :wave: Yep Virgin planned to release their fix on Wednesday, but cancelled due some unrelated infrastructure issues. They’ve said they’re deciding when to try again but we don’t have a date at the moment.

We’re hoping that once this fix is out, it’ll be smooth sailing for the rest of the integration :crossed_fingers:


Have they released the fix? There was an update to the mobile app last week.

Hey :wave: Sadly not, the latest update we have form them. Is that they’re scheduling a new date for the fix to go live. We’ll keep you & the community update once we know more.


Thanks Lewis, good luck chasing this. Fingers crossed

Is there any more news on this one @_lewis?

While we are on the subject @_lewis, can the same be said for Tesco Credit Card?

Hi all… I’ve been lurking in this forum for years but wanted to post this as I’m growing increasingly frustrated by the lack of Virgin Money Credit Card support in the ‘other accounts’ section. I remember there being multiple pledges by Monzo staff over the years on implementation but every month goes by and… nothing… it renders the trends tab completely useless for me and devalues the whole proposition of premium for which I’m paying £15/month (phone/travel cover is currently tying me down but I’m tempted by other premium current accounts that also include breakdown) Has anyone heard anything that suggests this is something being worked on or should I just forget about it and assume it’ll never be a thing? Hope not too negative for first post!