Account holder turns 18

My son turns 18 tomorrow. Does anyone know what happens when an account holder turns 18? Does anything change or does the account just continue as it is? Does he need to do anything? Thank you!

Continues as it does. There are certain new limits and fees that will start applying once you reach 18 though, which are standard for everyone.

Details on those here as well as the requirements they’ll need to meet to avoid them:

They will also become eligible for third party savings accounts via the market place, as well as Monzo’s lending products, and their premium offerings: plus and premium.

Nothing else changes. They won’t need to do anything.

Is he a 16-17 Monzo account holder already?
If so, it’ll continue on without any change - other than gambling block choices will come into effect (while on a 16-17 account, gambling isn’t available at all - on an 18+ account, he’ll be able to choose to enable/disable gambling block)

Take you to the pub :beers:


Are there overdraft options that appear too? :thinking:

Possibly. Credit score related though?

Monzo take how you use your account into, well, account, too. So long as there’s a detectable income, with good account history that shows competence, there’s a good chance they’ll off them one. They have to ask for it though.

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