Monzo - explain account changes when you turn 18


My son turned 18 at the weekend. He has had an account since he was 16 and I noticed that some of the features that I get were restricted for him in his account (quite rightly). What does Monzo do when someone gets to 18? It’s a great opportunity to check in, let him know what additional features he now has access to, the importance of managing your credit rating and other bits and bobs. I remember going to uni and getting my first account with some sort of moneybox etc, what could Monzo do to recreate that feeling that you are now a grown-up and it’s really quite exciting? Just a thought, feels like an opportunity to drop in and help, build up the relationship etc. Perhaps he got an email and didn’t notice it.

Sounds like an easy win. I’d have loved something like that at that age, I think.


He should have got a happy birthday notification which had details of which restrictions were lifted


This is a really good idea!

(and not a time to try and upsell Plus/Premium)


Maybe direct him to the pots page:

As it has a lot of information in there. In terms of Monzo doing it, can under 18s not access pots as well?

I turned 18 a few months ago.

Two weeks before, I got a notification telling me about updated terms (overdraft, loans etc now available)

Under 18 accounts pretty much have all the same features as a standard Monzo account apart from lending and Plus/Premium.


Did the notification tell you everything you needed to know?

And, out of interest, have you changed the way that you’ve used your account since?

I didn’t really need to ‘do’ anything - at least from what I can remember. I think it just told me what was changing as of my birthday.

No, I haven’t changed how I use it since. Always had my salary paid into it, spent directly from it etc.