Account confirmation letter available in app

Is possible to have the ability to download an account confirmation letter from the app with name, address, date of account opening and balance at time of download and also for joint accounts with both holders name visible. Most other banks, including Starling (who I am also with), have this option and I have used it several times as a form of ID and its very useful.

Never required an account opening letter, usually a bank statement with other supporting documents (passport and driving licence) does the trick.

What entities require such documents?

Other than opening date which is irrelevant, what gain does this have over a bank statement? If you want opening balance you can give them the first page of your statement.

Odd, I could open a joint account with my next door neighbour if I wanted, doesn’t really prove anything.

I’d guess you both haven’t always been perm residents of the UK since birth? Apologies if you have.

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