Accessing travel report on Android

Every time I come back from a trip abroad I receive a notification telling me how much I spent abroad, but once I delete the android notification that information is lost forever (or at least I wasn’t able to find it anywhere).

It would be nice to have a section listing all the messages the app sent as a notification, and in case of the travel report having something similar to the monthly spending report.


The notification shows, but actual report&item in the feed are hidden, since Android doesn’t have this functionality yet. I guess it’s not doable to easily switch off notification, since they are kinda valid for both ios and android. I’ve been confused too. :wink:

Once this feature is available (post Current Accounts rollout or with it - for Android users), it should be available historically - just like monthly spending report is placed. I could see historical reports when I opened Monzo app on ios, just needed to scroll back/search.