Monzo Connection to Quickbooks

Not sure if this has been mentioned or if it’s even an official thing yet, but I’ve just managed to connect Monzo to my Quickbooks Self Employed account. I was logged into Quickbooks and had to make some changes to connected accounts and thought I’d see on the off chance if Monzo was now available and to my surprise it was!

After trying to connect it asked me to open the Monzo app and confirm the connection there, but once authorised it was easy to setup. Only problem is that Quickbooks imported everything right back to the beginning of the tax year thereby duplicating everything I’d done thus far.

Just a heads up for anyone else wanting to connect Monzo to Quickbooks.


This was the last thing holding us back from switching over. So far working like a charm. :raised_hands:t3:

That’s great to hear! :slight_smile: Us + Quickbooks are announcing this sometime in the next few weeks… it’s been enabled via open banking, so some things may not be perfect just yet, but glad it’s working already for you though! :smiley:

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That’s great. I see that currently pot transactions are importing in also. Additionally the balance shown in QuickBooks is not the account balance, but the balance excluding pots which is very misleading and is causing some issues for us!

Any ETA on fixes for these? For some reason in Trello, this card has been moved to the live when i think it still needs some work?

Once again, thanks for this though. Its a life saver.


Would love to have an answer to this as well. Pots seem to be treated as external accounts by quickbooks and so doesn’t seem to work for us an option at the moment.

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