Ability to add communal notes + receipts to Shared Tabs & Bill Splits

:100: with you Matt. Bill splits aren’t something we’re tackling just yet, but will add it to our list of improvements for when we/other teams get to it :ok_hand:


It doesn’t have to be bill splits, just add the notes + receipt functionality you have on transactions to the Shared Tabs (or just allow whatever is on the transaction to be seen in the Shared Tab)

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Exactly. Seems like low hanging fruit, but maybe it’s harder to implement than one might assume.

Allow for a reference to be added when you’re requesting money from a friend.

My partner and I split the cost of car insurance on her car because we both use it so she makes the requests for insurance a few days before the payment comes out. There should be an option to add a reference/notes to the request for example “Car insurance for April” so I know what the request is for.

Anyone else?

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I think this is a great idea. I know when I send a payment request, I can add a short text before it’s sent. I’m on apple if that helps.