A week with the current account

(Adam) #1

So I’m a week in with the current account and I have been using it for my daily banking. I thought I’d post a quick update as to how I am getting along with it.

Firstly, the card has as always attracted a lot of attention. I’ve had people ask me is that one of those Mondo cards! Actually, it’s Monzo now and this is a real bank account - a fact that impressed.

I used the card for every card purchase (and there’s been a few…) and encountered only a small number of issues (don’t worry, I’ve told Monzo :sunglasses:). Ryanair did not accept the card for a seat sale online, I suspect if I chose MasterCard Credit it may well have allowed the transaction. I didn’t want to pay the additional fee for using a credit card as it is a debit so I used my legacy account and Apple Pay.

I tried to purchase a drink onboard the said Ryanair flight too and that transaction showed as successful on the chip and pin machine but the cabin crew member showed me their PDQ that said unable to process. I used my legacy card in this situation with no issue.

That being said, I also booked an easyJet flight for which the card worked fine. I also bought a drink and some duty free onboard with my Monzo card on easyJet and that transaction also went through fine so it’s not a generic block on offline aeroplane transactions!

I also made a few purchases in Germany with my card, I used DB ticket machines with no issues, rented a bike with no issues and bought food with no issues.

What else have I done? Umm, used the card for a hotel stay - the preauthorisation came with an instant notification. The finalisation price (£18 more, pesky bar!) still hasn’t come out of the account though. I suspect that’s the way the preauth/completion process works though.

Overall, a fantastic experience. Support has been perfect throughout, absolutely no major nightmare issues which is a plus!

Thanks Monzo, I’ll be sticking around! :grinning::raising_hand_man:t2:

(Hugh) #2

Awesome post! Really glad to see something positive against the backdrop of the myriad of ATM charge complaints…

Sounds like your new card has already accumulated some air miles :wink: :+1:

(Drew sanders) #3

Wow that’s a lot in the 1st week. I think those issues you mentioned may take a while to iron out as businesses update records and software.

(Adam) #4

I don’t expect Ryanair to be quick at resolving anything to be honest! :joy::see_no_evil:

(Sacha) #5

That’s weird, 10 days ago I used my Monzo Debit card with Ryanair to purchase tickets to Prague (selecting Mastercard Debit) and it went through fine? Are there differences between v1 & v2 of the current account beta cards perhaps?

(Adam) #6

How very strange!

Funnily enough I need to make another Ryanair booking… I’ll try again, give me a minute!

(Adam) #7

Nope still the same. Declines then on the 2nd try this error occurs.

No Monzo notification though so it’s almost like Ryanair aren’t even attempting the transaction.


What do you think the biggest advantage has been?

An initial for me seems that you get the instant notification that preauth has gone through, but also the piece of mind that the RyanAir one hasn’t, but would be good to get your thoughts!

(Adam) #9

I think the biggest advantage is most certainly instant notifications. It’s particularly helpful in foreign transactions so you have a almost always accurate estimate of the amount to be debited.

Also the spendings tab is a big advantage to me!

I would say chat support is good for me, I honestly prefer using live chat than using the phone. Once it’s 24/7 it would be a selling point to many of my friends, I find it an inconvenience to have to call companies at times!

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