A quick update on merchant feedback (icons and names)

I can’t find the exact comment but I’m sure someone from Monzo responded that it’s not likely to happen now until the current accounts.


A better response.

That would be my expectation too. We seem to be forgetting that these cards are nothing more than a practice exercise for the bank to get its systems and apps sorted out before launching proper accounts. That’s what being part of a beta process is all about after all.

Back on topic, it looks like I need to logout then.

Hi everyone! Just a quick update… we have worked through a lot of the backlog, but there is still someway to go. We will get through them all, but as you can imagine there was quite a lot of feedback from all of you wonderful Monzo users :mondo::boom:.

More updates soon…


Another +1 (after the event!)

Interesting and informative post @daniel.cannon. Great to know you guys are using lots of the same stuff as we are! Feel free to furnish us with another “wall of text” when you’ve resolved your next issue!

Hi @natasha - how is the back log going? I’ve just done a log out and in and many have changed. Strangely quite a few where the name and address has changed but a logo hasn’t been added. Shall I resubmit?

Hi @jsmith300! We are still working on the backlog, and I am pleased to hear that a lot of your feedback has been used :grinning:

If you submitted feedback for a logo it either may not have been processed yet, or there wasn’t a logo of good enough quality. Either way, it is probably worth waiting until we have processed the backlog completely before resubmitting anything!

How is the backlog looking now? I like seeing my feed with the correct name and a logo but I’m a bit disappointed I have to keep logging out and back in to keep checking my updates have been dealt with :frowning:

If you think it’s going to take more then 7 days going forward can the app be updated to automatically update merchant details for the last 30 days?

Is it also possible to see the oldest piece of feedback in your queue so we can see when our feedback is likely to be actioned?


I reported a missing logo on Saturday (providing a link to the merchant’s Twitter page) & it was fixed the same day.

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Yes logos seem to be fairly quick now with updates to names much slower

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately at the moment it may seem like it is taking 7 days or more to get something updated. We are working hard on the backlog and have someone working solely on that all of this week, which will hopefully put a big dent in the queue of tasks. In the future we hope to be resolving these within a day or two of you submitting feedback.

Instead of always having to log out and in again, I do promise to update you when we have gotten through everything.

I realise how frustrating this is, and I, like you, enjoy a nice logo-filled feed. I really appreciate your patience.


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What’s really missing :

  • IMPORTANT : possibility to know if a suggestion has been reviewed / is pending / rejected
  • possibility to turn a “physical” venue into an “online” venue. I’m thinking about public transport networks in particular
  • possibility to know for a merchant if it’s being associated to a venue on your system / Foursquare / google place, or whatever, or if it’s auto created.
  • suggest a logo should offer preview, and other sources (google/4sq/FB).

Easier + clearer suggestion process = better experience = more suggestions = much more curated DB.


I agree. This would also save us (or maybe just me) submitting the same information 2-3 times too, as we have no idea if it’s been reviewed or rejected.

Maybe in the future it could be possible to let us upload our own logos and name? Maybe have this ‘personalised’ information only available on our feed, with the option to also submit them to the global feed? That way I don’t drive myself mad when a transaction still uses the wrong name and logo. :smile:

PS. I know enrichment of the data is not exactly a priority with the current account imminent, but this data and merchant information is one of the stand out features for me! :innocent:


This would get messy if someone didn’t like the logo you uploaded and then changed it and then someone else changed it and so on… also if a company saw the logo they might tell Monzo to change it as it does not meet their brand requirements

Totally agree. Hence why I suggested a ‘personalised’ feed and a global feed. So if I wanted a different Asda logo for example, I can choose to submit this for approval on the global feed or just have it on my own personal feed. That way Monzo controls the global feed of logos (for the initial merchant data) and then you can override them in your own personal feed! :slight_smile:


I’ve been reporting incorrect merchant details for ones I find in my local area and it would be great to have some sort of icon to say whether its “being reviewed” or not as i’ve had to report the same places as incorrect over the course of 7/8 months and none were changed until I directly contacted Monzo customer support. I even asked customer support whether or not they were still correcting these details because none of the merchants I reported had been updated

I am sure customer support have better things to be doing with their time and so if we had some way of knowing if it was being reviewed then it may cut down on people contacting support?


Is it worth there being a forum thread for merchant issues? I submit suggestions for updated logos as and when I come across them but there are one or two which stubbornly refuse to change. A thread could allow individuals to paste more info surrounding why a change would be justified.


A post was merged into an existing topic: Creating a Topic to Report Merchant Update Issues

I’ve created this topic to ask the community & their team about their thoughts on this.

Please share any feedback there.


Just wanted to update on this. I messaged customer service via the in app chat after this thread and told them about the wrong information i’d been reporting and how i’d been reporting it for 7/8 months. I got a really awesome reply from Chris (too many chris’s in this conversation) and he assured me that they would update all the data I reported. He even manually updated a specific merchant for me due to how long i’d been reporting it!(even though I am sure he had much more important things to be doing)

So they are definitely still collecting and curating merchant data it just seems they have a huge amount to go through! However another example of great customer service from Monzo :smiley: