A new look for the Account tab

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #42

I can only speak for Android people but yes, you sign up to be a beta tester in the Play Store for Monzo. Find the Monzo app and just scroll down to the bottom of the page, the rest should be self explanatory :slight_smile:

(Adam Ash) #43

I’m on iOS so I guess I’ll keep searching. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

(Paul) #44

Hey. Download the TestFlight app and you can get access to the beta

(Adam Ash) #45

I have TestFlight already, but need a code to redeem to test. I’ll ping Monzo a message through the app. Thanks.


You’re doing it right - asking in-app support is how you get considered for testflight

(Nathan) #47

In V2.0 id like to see an actual feed of both ingoings and outgoings of the pot aswell as custom images :slight_smile:

Other than that very happy the new screen :clap:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #48

It’s a little bit ‘out there’ and perhaps not relevant in a banking app… But how cool would it be to see how far off your goal you are? :smiley:

Not just represented by a bar with an amount at the end :wink: but a row for “Average deposits remaining to reach your goal” :sunglasses:

I.e. If I have a goal of £100 on a round-up pot / coin jar and I’m depositing (on average) 50p, it’d be awesome if the pot detail could say you would need 199 more round-ups to reach your goal (I’m assuming a single 50p was rounded up in order to make that the average :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

(Andru) #49

Looks great, just wish we had the option to view the transaction history in more detail.

Is useful having an overview of total deposits/withdrawals, but it would be useful to see an actual timeline of transactions like the main feed, and any other bank with savings accounts.

(Chris Middleton) #50

Agreed. I have a pot called “Back pocket” where I pop stuff temporarily. At the moment there’s some cash put away for a birthday meal for my wife, some cash I received for Christmas and another chunk for my birthday, and some from selling an old laptop. All of these are reserved for spending on different things, but I don’t want to keep creating and deleting individual pots. Would be great to be able to see deposits and withdrawals plus any hashtags/notes allocated to them to keep track of things.


Would love a Nutmeg or Moneybox intergration into pots (just to view it all in once place even)

(Kevin Dickinson) #52

Like the fact that savings pot now shows interest.

Seems to be only for current month and overall. Would be good if you could tap on current month and change month to see interest for that month. Would also be useful to see interest for a financial year to help with tax returns.

(Steve Gaskin) #53

The new Pots information screen is a good step forward but there needs to be an urgent update with regards to editing the detail of a Pot. Presently once I’ve set up a Pot I can’t then go back in and edit the scheduled date or the amount; I have to delete the Pot and start again. As I get paid 4-weekly, I need to be able to schedule my Pots to sync with my pay date as well as have the option of changing the amount. Please add this your Pot development cycle.

(MikeF) #54

You shouldn’t need to delete the pot, but you do need to delete the scheduled transfer from the list of scheduled payments and then create a new one.

The edit features that standing orders have would be nice.

(Bruce) #55

Thank you for the clarity! Am I right in saying that it only shows my last month interest and total interest in the savings pots. I cannot see the other months (open for three months)?
Thank you

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #56

Not currently.

I believe the goal is to add a feed to each pot so you eventually will be able to see all ingoings and outgoings :slight_smile:

(Lawrence Davis) #58

Great improvements. I’m looking forward to scheduled payments out of pots though! That will be the one I get most excited about

(Charlie) #59

I kind of like the current design with the swipe to view other pots thing. I only have two pots so it’s fine for me and I love it. I can see why people with like 15 pots would want a list though.

Would maybe be nice to see it as a swipe for more pots thing until you have like 5 pots and then it goes in the list fashion?

The extra details is awesome though!

(Gareth Lowrie) #60

I’d love to be able to drag/ re-order my pots.I use my pots for setting money aside on a week by week basis and this could be really handy.

(Nathan) #61

Is Custom Pot Images any closer to completion or is this going to be tied in to the rest of these changes?

Looked almost completed before christmas


I can’t wait.
Looks much cleaner and easier to navigate than the current one.