A new look for the Account tab

Storm Gareth? :speak_no_evil:

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Anyone out there have any more on this? Very keen to get this and the Amex Integration now!


It’s out on Android :tada:

Still not available on iOS :slight_smile:

Amex is pretty close (I think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) - it should be going into Labs “soon” (I’m guessing this week or next. But that’s only a guess :innocent:)


Any news on the iOS release? The app was updated today but no sign of the new Account tab…


Been scrapped like cheque imaging probably :joy:


I’ve had the same.

Wile the new Payments tab design showed potential for a much better UX, I’m not sure it was ready for release yet. Hopefully, some of the suggested improvements will be implemented when it is fully released.

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You can thank @nickh for this little nugget.

But if you go into Monzo Labs and activate the Barclaycard Lab - and then force quit - you have the new account tab.


image I have the new Account tab now.

I like it.

Except, which of my Pots are locked? I can’t tell…


I’ve done this now :grinning:

Doesn’t seem to include pot history (i.e. list of in/out transfers) that I’ve seen mentioned/screenshot before from Android. Hopefully that’ll be part of the full rollout.

Also, top of the account page still looks old style - possibly again due to not being ready for full rollout - instead of how it looked at top of this thread from the preview.

Not got mine yet. Good to see the iOS rollout has started.


I’ve only got it through the Labs feature as I added my Barclaycard.

Have you switched on Barclaycard in Labs? You need to do this then force quit the app to see the new account tab. You don’t have to actually have a Barclay card to connect, so anyone can do it.


I just did this. Thanks ^_^

It might be a “backstop” version that is ok’d for Labs (no evidence to prove this mind you)

Either way nice to see!

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Only way you can tell with the new layout is to go into the pot now, issue due to smaller image sizes but the looks :wink:

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Interesting to see that the “Connect your Barclaycard” was released in Labs before the Amex one… I was really looking forward to the Amex integration. :frowning:

They need to get it to work first.

Monzo have come out and said why this is.

TLDR; They’re having connection problems with AMEX

EDIT: Finally got discourse to allow me to get the quote on:

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they being TrueLayer

And it was @Jackcrwhitney that correctly guessed the issue: