A Hot Chip sticker pack for iMessage?


Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a Hot Chip sticker pack for iMessage? :heart_eyes: I do agree they’re kind of useless but I find myself manually copy/pasting those GIFs more and more so I think it’ll be cool to have an easier way, not to mention the marketing aspect of it (no other bank has got this).

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Not if it will detract from coding required to get this fabled current account out to the masses, no. :neutral_face:

(Tom ) #3

In an effort to keep this great idea positive, yes - this is a brilliant idea! I think people will fall for Hot Chip very quickly. Look at his face!


It would most likely take a few hours of dev time so I don’t think it’ll make any difference in the grand scheme of things. However this would cheer up the crowd a bit more now that prepaid app upgrades have gone scarce due to the work on the current account.


I’d rather get my current account a few hours earlier, if it’s all the same with you :wink:


Oh come on, a bit of patience please :joy::joy:

(Though I might be biased as I’ve already got the preview account :wink:)


I’m being very patient. :grinning: More than happy to indulge in such unnecessary fripperies after the current accounts have been rolled out to everyone who wants one. :sunglasses:

At the moment, whilst a nice-to-have, I’d suspect that all development time must be spent on developing the current account side of things?

(Jason Yau) #8

I have a thing for Hot Chip.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #9

Hot chip looks awesome!

Might be able to add a sticker pack to Google Keyboard too, to appease the Android folk too :wink:


Yes. Didn’t want to sound negative, sorry.

You can have it after I have CA. Deal?

(Herp Derp) #11

Make them move and make them now, I want this now.

Put everything on hold and make them now as it will take ages to get into App Store.

Make this number one priority

Make this happen before Apple Pay

(Johnny Ellwood) #12

I’d quite like this but for Android naturally…
But until then I have these…

(Hugo Cornejo) #13


Out of curiosity, what other apps with stickers do you use often? (in my case I only use stickers on Telegram).

(Colin Robinson) #14

I’ve never used stickers on anything but if you get Hot Chip in I might be tempted…


I have around 10 apps whose stickers I use on a daily basic.

Carrot, Panic and Mario are the main culprits though.

(Mark Edmonds) #16

I’m with you one this, many a use he comes along!


Knew I posted about this bedore but took me a while to find the thread!!


I’d love to see this. About an hour’s work for Monzo I reckon.


Another vote for this… would be awesome.

(Stephen Spencer) #20

I just spent a couple of mins to create this pack for Telegram (assets shamelessly stolen from Monzo’s stickermule store):
Perhaps I should get the assets properly (and more from Hot Chip’s House) and make them full res…