A Hot Chip sticker pack for iMessage?


Love these… thanks.

Who needs iMessage when we have stickers on Telegram…

(Hugo Cornejo) #22

OMG YES! Many thanks for putting that together, stickers FTW!


@hugo Can we have some more images to turn into stickers??? Pretty please :pray:t2:

(Kai) #24

Awesome! :slight_smile:

(Hugo Cornejo) #25

hmm, maybe @Sam has some at hand?

(Simon B) #26

This is absolutely bad-ass. Thanks for doing this!! Telegram is by far my favorite messenger, it’s even surpassed WhatsApp for me, due to the ability to run large chat groups on it without personal details of users being visible. Thanks!


I’ve never even heard of Telegram. I love this forum <3

none of my friends are forward thinking as I

(Simon B) #28

TL:DR it’s like WhatsApp but faster, better, with way more features and not owned by Zuckerberg :upside_down_face:


not one of my friends is on it :joy:

(Simon B) #30

…get new friends? :joy: :wink:


As well as the group - https://t.me/Monzo_UK

There is also a channel that gets its updates from various Monzo social media accounts - https://t.me/monzobank

More info here… Monzo Group & Channel on Telegram Messenger

(Hugh) #32

Remind me what “friends” are… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #33

I’m just gonna send a Telegram now guys, is this pack compatible?


Same reasons i use Wire (with features over Telegram including all messages always encrypted and the whole stack open source).

(Jolin) #35

Thanks for the link, Wire looks good! I’ve been using Signal for similar reasons, but Wire looks slicker, as secure, and it’s great it doesn’t require a phone number.


I used Signal for quite a while and thought it a great app. I especially liked the way, on Android, that it could become the default SMS app too and so provide a very iMessage-like solution. The problem was i couldn’t get a single one of my contacts to switch to it.

Wire has proved a much easier sell to my contacts. I guess people really love the built-in gif search, picture doodles, and what-not.

(Valeri) #37

So no chance of having iMessage pack then? :sleepy:

(Tristan Thomas) #38

What do you need to make the pack amazing?


Full iMessage support :joy:


Any updates on this? :wink: