4 Weekly 28 day pay cycles in trends

Still loving the trends and find it useful but it’s been awhile since any tweaking has taken place. However I wish I was able to set up my salary which is paid 13 times a year (4 weekly) Any update on when the 4 weekly period can be set up in trends would be greatly appreciated.



Totally agree - here is hoping that something can be done to alleviate the problem with trends - it’s been a while tbh since an upgrade was implemented



I mentioned this not long ago and it was shot down because it’s not a common pay cycle so it won’t be added.

22.5 million people receive the state pension every 4 weeks. Roughly a third of the population.

So do rail workers, civil servants and a lot of the services. This one thing stops me using the trends and all that goes with it :smirk: