Allow us to be more granular with our spending "Target" reset date (like it was with Summary)

The options for when your Target resets is very limited. Summary - which I believe is soon to be phased out - gives you an option of every month, 4 weeks, or a week to restart the period.

I still use Summary for my monthly budget rather than the Trends tab because it allows me to reset my budget every 4 weeks which is when I get paid.

The options given in Target:

The options given in Summary:

What dates would you want? Could you be more specific in your post?

I hope they’ve searched because @Revels is poised and ready to go :rofl:


I did a search and was suprised to not see any posts about it.

Did I botch my searching and just tick someone off? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Reckon I can outrun them?


For me, every 4 weeks is ideal.

I get that the majority of people will be paid on the same date monthly, and those that get paid weekly will probably also reset their target monthly, but it seems every 4 weeks and last day of the month isn’t catered for.


Ah I see.

Do you not pay your bills on a set date of the month?

There are lots of threads about trends and custom dates but none that I can see about targets.

I’m sure @Revels will find them but until then I think this might be a new request!

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Every four weeks definitely isn’t catered for, but last day of the month should be.

Select the 31st and Monzo will always use the last day of the month:

And you can even choose whether it should be the literal last day or the last working day:

I’m hopeful for more granularity in budgeting periods because we now have US users who are very much into weekly/fortnightly pay. Hopefully that translates into 4-weekly for us, too!

I think so! There’s dozens about summary but not trends.

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Indeed I do.

I’ve always figured the best way is to reset the budget when the bulk of my money comes in - do you suggest another way of doing it?

To be honest, from what I can understand, I’m kind of requesting the same thing then. Basically to have more reset options for the new graphs in the trends tab.

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