4 Months of plus

I think each offer needs to have an end date listed or perhaps the app say when new offers are likely to arise.

Otherwise it just seems very stagnant.


It’s easy to say to have faith, however, Monzo’s track record for paid offerings doesn’t exactly give a lot of confidence in your ability to deliver.

From our point of view, since the new Plus was launched, you’ve added AMEX integration and moved onto launch Premium, with complete radio silence on improvements to Plus.

I just cancelled my Plus membership, hopefully new features might win me back to Plus or get me to upgrade to Premium but for now, it’s not worth it, I was hoping that being an early adopter would get Monzo to do more to keep people on board and to give a more complete offering over time, however, I don’t think that’s happened.

I’ve had each iteration of Plus and I don’t think Monzo knows what they want to do with it long term or I think there would’ve been more movement, so instead I’m going to sit back and not pay for an incomplete service any longer.


And, I think the lack of joint account support really hurts.

I genuinely would have stayed if there was any communication about plans. Similar to how good Monzo was during the Making Monzo phase with the trello board. But there’s been nothing and it’s just stagnated


Unless there’s some major update I’m going to cancel after Xmas.

Right now Plus delivers zero value to me.


If it’s zero value to you, I doubt we’ll see any update big enough to suddenly make it worth the £5. If I were you, I’d just cancel now and save a little money, then grab it again if it ever offers any value to you.

That’s what I’ve done. Except for me, there’s already quite a bit of value to it, it’s just not quite all the way there yet, so a smaller update could tip it for me, and I’ll sign up again.

One thing I will say though, is I didn’t expect to miss the features as much as I do. Category splitting and virtual cards in particular.


Well I don’t use Monzo for any categories or budgeting and virtual cards seem unfinished - I can’t even see all transactions on each card.

The thing I was really excited about with plus was virtual cards. As it stands they are useless though. You can’t freeze them, you can’t set spending limits on them, you can’t link them to pots. They are directly linked to the balance in my account so provide no added security other than I can delete them after use. Yet there’s a finite amount of times I can do that. I would like to see some kind of disposable virtual card and also some way of limiting spends on them or being able to freeze them.

Premium nearly had me signed up but the travel insurance has put me off. It has far more restrictions on it than any other policy I’ve seen before.

Right now I don’t feel like I’m getting any value from Plus and will likely cancel soon if there’s no news on any of the above.


I love it except from how scratched my card is from card machines :joy:

Why would anyone buy a product they didn’t think was value for money in the first place? If you wanted more from plus why wouldn’t you just have waited until it had the things you want.

Four months is a pretty short time in a product lifecycle too. I’m sure there’ll be updates to the product in time, but it isn’t going to transform overnight.

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Monzo is not going to please everybody or be able to provide everything everyone wants to see. I’ve been with Monzo a while now because I became so frustrated with High Street banks. I’m now a premium member and it works absolutely fantastic for me! Phone insurance alone! (I’ve used it with fantastic results and amazing customer service) that alone is worth my Subscription to Monzo. I find the app out does allot of banking apps and I’ve had a few to mention. You can’t expect new offers every month because I don’t know of any bank that does that?. I use every feature in my account but will never use travel insurance I doubt but I’m not going to moan about it. :smiley:

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Could be similar situation to me. In theory looking at the features, and the potential some stuff had for quick iterative improvements, combined with 2 months free for being on the old product. It was no brainier to try it out.

After trying for the 3 months, it turned out that while there was some value I’d expected from the features, it didn’t quite get all the way there, as some were not as useful as I’d initially thought. And those potential iterative improvements haven’t come to fruition yet, so I cancelled to wait for those improvements instead of hanging on and paying like I did with the previous version that got scrapped.

The thing that confuses me is waiting for them, and giving them time to make it valuable. Previous versions have shown it’s a fools errand, and we’ve not seen enough from this version yet to suggest they’re handling it any differently. If there’s no value, cancel at the end of the minimum term to show Monzo that. Don’t wait in lieu of what may come. Cancelling is how you show Monzo that you don’t like the product, and incentivises them to improve it. Paying them for something of no value does not, because they’re getting your money whether they make it better or not.


I’m confused, I thought Monzo said that unlike last time, there was no “and more to come”, and you should opt in to Plus based on what is available only, not what “might” happen in the future??

For that reason, people complaining that there have been no improvements (well, aside from the Amex integration, but that’s always overlooked) therefore cannot be taken seriously.

Complaints about “Offers” not changing whatsoever, well that I can understand, as you’d expect that to rotate/change to a certain degree. But otherwise? Hard nope.


I recall Monzo said the same each time they launch Plus.

At the same time, Monzo also always say the product would be improved over time

Confused messaging perhaps but easy to see why customers can get both sets of messaging.

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This is a valid point, and I’m one of those guilty people who subscribed, then subsequently cancelled.

But my counter is 2 fold:

  1. I was offered a discounted 2 months to switch as I had plus before - so in theory costing me £5 (and 16p), for just 3 months.
  2. The features that were there, I thought I’d get a lot of use out of, and thought they’d be beneficial to me. With 2 months free, I took it to be a free trial of it, ultimately. When I switched to paying myself for them, I reassessed the value that these brought to me, and it wasn’t as great as I had thought. More of a meh, I could live without these type thing.

My barrier for re-entry is now going to be higher as I won’t get a free trial, free period etc. So, will I resubscribe? No idea. But I don’t spend as much as I used to etc, so I don’t see the point in any plus or premium offering currently.

But yea, I agree, people should purchase for what they see now not what may be added.


Which is exactly why whilst I wasn’t expecting any new features (although I wouldn’t say no if any came along) but was expecting some improvements to features.
Personally funding virtual cards from a pot (granted some regulatory ducks have slowed that), freezing virtual cards, and maybe forcing a particular category for a particular virtual card would be enough to feel that it has enough value to me.

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To try it out, in my case. Two weeks wasn’t enough time to evaluate it properly.

And it’s hardly a huge financial risk is it, just to give it a go!

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Exactly, it’s “give it a go” money not “better make sure I’ll really use it first” money.

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I’ve said it before in a different thread, but I think there’s a difference worth pointing out of “existing features that really need optimising” vs “wishing for new features”.

For me there’s a lot in that “optimise” bucket - so much in the nitty gritty of how some of the features work that only really become apparent once you use the product for a few months.

It’s these I want to see/hear improvements in.


Pretty much hits the nail on the head of how I feel about plus too! Optimising a few of those features that aren’t all the way there yet is pretty much all it needs to entice me back in and lock me in long term.