3 MILLION businesses refuse to take cards


I guess this is why we still need ATMs and a way to pay cash/cheque into accounts :confused:

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Some cash companies don’t want to use cards as it might be harder to ‘hide money’

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Yep, cash only shops often do it to lie about turnover and dodge taxes.

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To be fair, my business does not take card payments. But I’m B2B rather than B2C.

My previous business was B2C and we dealt exclusively in card payments. Did not accept cash or cheque.

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Even for legitimate businesses I can see a reason not to accept cards - banks are just as bad on the consumer side as on the business side so as a merchant it can be hard to find the best deal (if such a thing exists) and often you end up paying set up costs, monthly rental of some awful card terminal and possibly even a legacy phone line (it still amazes me to see terminals saying “Connecting via Telephone Line” despite the merchant having Wi-Fi).

Something really needs to be done at the regulatory level to make card acceptance more affordable and with less bullshit - ideally anyone should be able to do it just like anyone can send/receive Faster Payments/BACS. It should just require a phone/computer (that does the heavy lifting) and a cheap USB card reader + PIN pad (so malware on the computer can’t steal the PIN), and there should only be a flat charge per payment, no monthly rental nonsense.

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Hasn’t iZettle provided an alternative to small business to take payments.

The chap that services the car air con uses iZettle. It connects to internet via his iPhone.

But unless you’re tech savvy or heard about it from a friend you’re unlikely to know about it. Most merchants when they need to accept cards they’d just go to their (legacy) bank first and get scammed there.

Or PayPal readers, seen more of those about.

Not sure if PayPal, Square, Izettle etc charge a flat fee, tiered fees, or a percentage?

iZettle is 1,75% flat fee and no rental, just a one-time price of 29£+VAT for the card reader which seems reasonably fair (though 1,75% is still extreme for a completely automated process such as a card payment, but it’s inline with what everyone else is offering so not their fault).

that is much better than the rental charges some have (c£45-49 per month)

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Definitely, but still very expensive IMO. If faster payments can be free, why can’t card payments be as well? At the end of the day they are doing exactly the same thing, moving money from one account to the other. If FPS can do so for free then the card networks should be able to do it as well.

Invite a friend to iZettle.


If your friend takes their first card payment within 30 days you and your friend will both get a voucher for £10. Use this link.


I find this frustrating. I have on a number of occasions simply left and made a purchase elsewhere. their loss.


I think I might start doing the same.

This is why we need Monzo equivalent for business banking. If there was a friendly business banking solution that also offers payments (and is a friend of Monzo ideally!), I’m sure that’s something that can work. Clearly there’s a market, 3 mln businesses plus many unhappy, disgruntled business owners using more legacy solutions… BAM. :boom:

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For me it is not just a matter of a business banking app (the beta android app has just had a radical rewrite and legions better than the existing iOS app) but ability of small retailers to accept and process card transactions for say 5p instead of 20-45p

I’ll be first in the queue. The Co-op Business Banking recommended by the FSB is so bad it’s almost laughable …until you end up crying.

I run a small decorating business and looked into card readers. I’m not paying the extortionate charges for the machine and transactions. My customers pay their invoice via BACS as that’s the only option I give.

BACS not FPS? When I had a small business we did all our payments by FPS as it was free whereas they charged us for BACS.