1Password & virtual cards

I use 1Password and a new virtual card every time I make a purchase. 1Password can auto-fill card details it has stored, but the dream would be for it to auto-fill a new virtual card created on the fly every time, so I don’t have to create it manually and type the numbers by hand.

Automation & security together… this is the future

I quite like the idea but why limit it to 1Password. Bitwarden (which I use) does this too.

I’m also unsure if this is a Monzo thing or at the password manager end. I know they can generate things like one time passcodes on the fly by connecting to services - but do they allow this with cards/banks?

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I don’t think limiting the idea to 1Password is the intention here, it’s just the app they use, so naturally is the one you name.

This could be possible, but there’d need to be an API somewhere, which doesn’t currently exist AFAIK.

Anyway, I like the idea and I’ve voted for it. Would love it to work with Safari’s own credit card store and autofill though, as that’s what I use these days over 1Password.

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Of course :see_no_evil: I meant if Monzo are doing it for one, why not do it for all as they’re all broadly similar.

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If we start down that line it would be great if the Spreadsheet export worked with Office 365 rather than just Google docs!

Yes, it would make sense to integrate with all major password managers, including browsers and mobile operating systems.

If that level of integration were too extensive, functionality similar to that offered by password managers to autofill across devices would work

Monzo have to pay around 10-25p to create a virtual card with a provider*. So it’s not cost effective to create a virtual card every transaction

*from my experience working on a financial card product

Interesting. Revolut have a single-use virtual card that deletes itself after a transaction, and automatically creates a new one, so maybe there’s a cheaper way of doing it?

That seems very expensive! :open_mouth:

You use a new virtual card for every single purchase?!

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Trying to think how that might work.

  1. If you are assigned a huge batch of numbers, you could allot a large batch in one go and then recycle the batch over time and avoid assigning the card numbers to the same post code ever.
  2. Or revlout is making a loss on in it for growth purposes.
  3. Or they may have full control of the BIN numbers with a direct relationship with Mastercard and are operating at a lower level than most providers by interfacing directly with the Mastercard network
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1Password now support this functionality for business cards from Brex and Privacy, and have a saving integration with Ramp (although not card creation):

The problem with virtual cards is that they can’t be autofilled by a browser or mobile keyboard, so using them makes payments much more difficult. A password manager integration would solve this, even if limits are maintained.


I just saved their number in bitwarden :man_shrugging:

Read the OP for the context you’re missing.