Zopa to launch a bank

Just got this in an email…

_Everything our customers have told us… through emails, phone calls, satisfaction ratings, Trustpilot reviews, beta tests, in-person research, surveys… it all counts, and it all helps us shape the future of Zopa. _

It’s why we’re applying to launch our own next-generation bank. We’ve listened, and we’re confident that we can deliver the bank that will be the best place for your money. We look forward to sharing more news about Zopa and our new products and experiences we’ll be offering you next year.

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I’ve never used Zopa so I don’t keep track of what they’re up to. However, he is a blog post from their CEO from March this year:


Interestingly, they say they are not going to open a current account, but will offer deposit accounts, P2P investments, ISAs and loans.

They claim their USP over the ‘start up banks’ as they call them are risk management capabilities and a proven origination engine, whatever that is!


Sounds like something taken from a Douglas Adams novel…