Zazu - an African Challenger Bank on Seedrs

(Henry Pedro) #1

for anyone that has some change to invest in this African Start-up

(Herp Derp) #2

I wonder if Disney will make them change their name…

(Adam Farah) #3

That rules out Rowan Atkinson for our voice overs then…

(Perseus Mlambo) #4

Perseus here, one of the founders of Zazu. @DonPedro thanks for sharing our campaign. Here to answer any questions.

@Danny, we have had no issues with the name so far and it has been registered in multiple territories. I am sure if & when Disney come calling, we will have a great user base to come up with a new name.

(Colin Robinson) #5

mondo -> monzo
Zazu -> Zadu??



If I were African it would be the reason I join :woman_shrugging: (the name)

(Perseus Mlambo) #7

And the name crowdsourcing has begun! It’s added to the list of backup names :blush: