Your Favourite OS?

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Chrome
  • Other

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Wow Mac winning and only one vote for Linux ?! Crazy lol

I’m a big Linux fan, but Mac/iOS wins over it easy for day to day.

Linux hands down for servers.


Linux for servers, Windows for gaming, Mac for everything else. Answer is Android :pie:

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Windows for gaming


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Linux and csgo ftw

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So many mac users ?! What’s the appeal ?

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I don’t need to rebuild a kernel when I buy a new monitor.

Honestly the appeal is that it is easy to use for everyday tasks. I find those who want Linux are tech/developers and it is more about customisation. I think the trade-off for most people is something they understand and can put up with not having, for example, the screen font be Comic Sans… :wink:

Windows is similar to MacOS these days in usability so it’s probably a price point then (Mac laptops are expensive).

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