You’ve invested £20,000,000 in Monzo! 🚀

(Edward) #129

Luckily, any phone capable of running the Monzo app has a calendar installed, for the express purpose of remembering dates and times for you and reminding you of them at desired intervals beforehand.

(Eve) #130

Echoing this. Previously there was a huge outcry when a notification occurred for marketplace products and I think crowdfunding shouldn’t be something that should be taken up without taking note of the:

Monzo has to tread very carefully, if they were to prompt all users to invest it would definitely seed more articles along the lines of that The Times article… saying Monzo is exploiting its users for funding.

And IMO, if one is an experienced investor, they should know the importance of reacting quickly and at the right time to buy shares. If it was extremely important, I would have researched beforehand and set an alarm (which I did) so I would remember to check in.

The others have weighed in enough about it though, so here’s to better luck for the next crowdfunding round!

(Mark Franklin) #131

Damn, missed my chance, that was quick


I am sure there will be other oppourtunities

(benjaminlbowles) #133

Completely agreed, what with General Catalyst (Snap, Airbnb & Deliveroo) & Accel Partners (Facebook, Dropbox & Spotify etc) backing Monzo - I believe the only option is an IPO/tech giant status now…


So when do I get my badge :stuck_out_tongue:


The only thing they could have done that may have made a few more people happy is to have the option to turn on a reminder/push notification of when it went live. But made sure it was opt in only

(Gareth) #136


It will definitely be interesting to see how any ‘interest’ in Monzo is dealt with by any incumbents and whether it gets to the point where the offer is just “too good to turn down”.

In terms of the investors as well will they not want to see a cash-out if the offer is good enough?

Building the way to an IPO (and hopefully a tech giant) will undoubtedly take a long time but I hope that Monzo does get there in the end and I am ready for the ride!


More out of curiousity and not being able to find it on a quick google. What defines something as a tech giant (Or is it just a broad term for big tech companies with no specific definition)?

(Scott) #139

Well done Monzo! I invested, super pleased.

(Duncan) #140

You’re not the only use-case. The world does not revolve around your perspective. Other, less sophisticated investors, are the most important to consider here.

Sounds like some Series E Monzo shares won’t matter that much to you then :wink:

(Duncan) #141

I think that it’s better that there was no notification. They sold through the shares in a couple of hours, so there was plenty of demand. Why should people who forgot when the shares were going live have been given an automated advantage to invest at the same time that those who bothered to remember? I think that the way it has worked out means that those who were really committed, who really cared to be involved in the product got the shares. And that was the whole point of involving the community in the first place.

(Excited about Christmas) #142

Most other Crowdcube campaigns are open to anyone. All you have to do is join Crowdcube, even after the campaign has started. Admittedly they don’t normally have a prospectus, but that certainly doesn’t make them IPOs. Not that I’m criticising Monzo for making theirs customers-only, but that can’t be the reason?


I’m using it as just a broad definition as “tech” itself is such a broad and hard to pin-down market.

(Lee) #145

Glad I was able to get at least a share this time round… would have liked to get more than one but I’m super skint right now ^^; :joy:

(Paul) #146

Gonna be some hangovers tomorrow at Monzo HQ :champagne::beers::clinking_glasses::tada:

(Den Howlett) #147

I’ve read the Times and FT articles. What media has to say doesn’t (largely) matter except the overdraft thing which was definitely a black eye (and I’m a media guy) in this context. Communities have long been the locus of fandom (which works for and against, not always in equal measure.) and companies that do community well tend to (but not always) succeed over the long haul.

PS - the FT article was not great. Talking about a shifting of control reflects an old media model for which the writer clearly pines. That train left the staton 10 years ago.

What I am thinking is that the jump in valuation based on the numbers got a LOT of folks excited and, as is often the case, the ‘stupid money’ as some VCs call it, turns up and bingo! the valuation is suddenly justified and likely primes the pump for yet another round.

This is relatively new territory for many and in the past I’ve been highly critical of crowdfunding these kinds of operation but then I see the value to operators - platform fees aside - I just think it requires a bit more sophistication in both the pricing and communication models being used in order to optimise outcomes for everyone in the value chain.

(Excited about Christmas) #148

Exactly. I don’t think it has anything to do with “turning it into a kind of IPO”, but let’s see what @HughWells says.

(Hugh Wells) #149

As we are a private company we are not allowed to make public offers of our shares. The cut off date (before publication of the Prospectus) is to comply with those offering restrictions :+1: