You’ve invested £20,000,000 in Monzo! 🚀

(James McCarthy) #106

That’s quite a leap from push notifications to assume inexperience. I’m not exactly new to this, what I’m surprised by is the lack of management of the thundering herd.


Oh, I wasn’t suggesting you were new to it - But just think how many inexperienced people would have potentially been swayed into investing because of a push notification from Monzo?

There’s been a lot of chatter about that point this week (I don’t suppose you read the Times do you? :joy:).

The inexperience amongst other investors isn’t assumed either - This forum is very proof they are out there in numbers (which isn’t a bad thing if they know what to do).

(patrick ) #108

Or if one of the big banks try to buy Monzo. If I was a legacy bank Monzo’s success would terrify me.

(MikeF) #109

I thought it was managed very well.

The key thing that a push notification would have done for the inexperienced would have been to (possibly) remove any opportunity to do the due diligence and required reading beforehand.

I can’t stress how strongly I feel that a push notification would have been a bad idea.

(Is Santa here yet?) #110

There was a feed item, email, blog post leading to the prospectus. All needed to be read and understood before today and the information was all there. I don’t understand if all the necessary reading was done how it was missed that it was at 10am until £20 million had been invested

(Simon B) #111

They’ve tried and we’re not interested.

But they’ve been paying attention for a while. Most recently, look at Barclays advertising their “brand new” freeze card functionality.

We’re not complacent, but my general feeling is that you can replicate features but you cannot replicate culture :grinning:

(Duncan) #112

The illiquidity means that they are quite hard to price between investment rounds. But that’s why all the investment material said (roughly) “you will be holding them for many years”.

(Den Howlett) #113

I guess that would have been possible but the IMPRESSION I got was that there would be a notification. It turns out that only happens IF the app is opened. There are plenty of ways to skin the proverbial cat but some of us (ahem) are not sitting around with alarms set for investment opportunity purposes. Some of us have calendar alarms set for work stuff. Those come with automatic notifications. If you’re in another app at the time the ‘alarm’ is raised, then sure, you can see what’s happening but only IF there is a notification.

Contrary to what others may say about invoking over selling, any notification to existing customers COULD have been as simple as ‘Investing in the £20 million round is now available.’

It strikes me that while this round has undoubtedly been wildly successful, there could have been a better process in place, especially since the initial blurbs confidently predicted a modest take up among existing investors/customers. To my mind that makes the case for notifications to customers (could be email, in app etc) that much stronger and is certainly a feature I see among other crowdsourcing platforms and opportunities.

What concerns me more though is that the predictions concerning take up were so wrong that it calls into question how well this was thought through from the customer take up perspective and/or the funding round goal standpoint.


Congratulations guys, glad to be a part of it.

(James McCarthy) #115

@HughWells No I am an existing customer of a good few months. Great that the target was reached so early, well done. Sad to miss out. I’m more of a saver than a spender so although helpful I don’t have many drivers to go into the app unless I’m verifying an occasional purchase.

Definitely would have responded to a push notification, but being extremely busy would not have actively been tracking every blog post.

Thanks for responding and great job.

(Alex H) #116

What a phenomonal day! Congratulations to all those who managed to snatch up some shares. :clap:t2: Looking forward to seeing how monzo continues to change the way banking works. Feels great to be a part of this change.


I know Tom says “that’s not our goal” to be impartial as he cannot speak on behalf of other shareholders, but as someone who is very partial I’d say there is no way in hell an incumbent can buy Monzo now.

The beast is too big and they’ve picked their VC’s very carefully. If one of the giants came in with a £10bn bid they would probably need the approval of Passion capital who AFAIK are invested until at least 2024, then they’d need founders like Tom Blomfield (whose stated goal is to change peoples lives rather than get rich quick) and people like the collision brothers who are already multi billionaires and are just supporting Monzo for funs. Even all their other VCs like Orange digital, thrive etc appear to be completely strapped in and ready for this to be a tech giant.

I don’t think Monzo has a price tag on its head at all.

That’s just my opinion. I wonder what @eileentso thinks?? (Woo… First tag goes to me!!!)

(Adam Kendrew) #118

Congratulations! :rocket:

(Den Howlett) #121

Deeply unhelpful. But heh ho…

(Den Howlett) #123

Every company has a price on it. If they’re valuing at £1-2bn, that’s chump change for any major.

(James McCarthy) #124

They aren’t mutually exclusive. Foolish comparison. I read everything and have quite an extensive portfolio. What I don’t have time for is continually opening blog posts and apps.

I don’t know how you equate naïvety with expecting push notifications for a major event on a mobile app. Seems that’s the norm experience or not.

(Nick) #125

You only have to glance at the Times articles from to see that ANY notification, no matter how it was phrased, would be jumped on as evidence of Monzo trying to ‘bilk money out of unsuspecting customers’.


That is a very good point especially after the overdraft stories

(James McCarthy) #127

Seemed like the legal and financial implications were extremely well catered for, can’t see how that could be spun except positively. Good warnings, nicely explained investors categories and way better than many. This was a world away from some janky ICO.

(Tom Reynolds) #128


This round has been announced for some time, with the relevant reading material (100+ pages) to make an informed decision.

In-app notification could inadvertently lead those with little/no understanding to invest on a whim without truly understanding the risks. I imagine that backlash would substantially outweigh that of those who unfortunately missed out due to forgetting to set a memo etc.

Personally, I was worried I would miss out as I was in a meeting at the time. I just had to cross my fingers and hope it wasn’t fully subscribed during the first 30mins. (I know that sounds a little crazy, but given the last round achieved £1m in 96 seconds, perhaps not impossible).