You can now pay cash into your Monzo account!

(Andrew Raynes) #324

Awesome, much needed!

(Chinedu Umeh) #325

First experience depositing cash at the local co-op.

The first lady that i encountered had no clue what i was talking about and had to refer to one of her seniors who understood what i was trying to do. Initially she tried to insert the card to do chip and pin, but i gently instructed that the card needs to be swiped otherwise it won’t work. It went through as expected.

I fear that unless i knew how the process was supposed to have been carried out, then today may not have gone as smoothly. As such maybe an update to the section of the app explaining deposit is need just to advice customers that their card needs to be swiped rather than inserted?

What I’d really love in the future is some way to do this without having to carry around your card…perhaps using apple pay/google pay or simply an sort code and account number.

(Jack) #326

It would be great if a barcode could simply be scanned via the Monzo app. Similarly to how you can add gift vouchers to your Amazon account. See below:

This may be less confusing for the cashier and means we can be completely cardless.

I might post a mock-up of this later, if useful?

(Colin Robinson) #327

Maybe add more details to the help to show staff that don’t know how it’s done?

(Andre Borie) #328

Maybe there should also be a feature to report a bad PayPoint and for there to be real consequences for such screwups? Honestly it’s unacceptable that they can’t figure out such a basic thing even after PayPoint sent out documentation on how to do Monzo deposits.

(Andy) #329

You can email with the details of the store and the issue

(Jack) #331

It’s great that we can now add cash to our account through PayPoint, but it would be amazing to be able to add cash without having to use the debit card.

My suggestion is to also have a barcode on the depositing cash screen that the cashier can scan, similar to how you can add gift cards to you Amazon account.

This may also reduce the confusion from the PayPoint staff and is one more step towards going wallet-less!

Example Below:

(Jack) #332

Hey @mts,

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved your post here to join the other feedback for cash deposits :slight_smile:

(Chinedu Umeh) #333

This would truly be living in the future

(Sam) #334

Might there be issues with people screenshotting the barcode and hence adding cash to other people’s accounts? I’m guessing that has anti-money laundering ramifications :frowning:


How? :face_with_monocle:

(Sam) #336

Just a guess, I’m no expert!

I found this on Which? though:

(Jack) #337

I can think of many ways this can be secure. One is that Monzo could flag your account if money gets paid in from a location different from where your phone is, as part of their fraud checks.

Equally, the current system of simply paying in money with your card without a PIN is a fraud risk.

(Andre Borie) #338

It’s not like there’s anything that currently checks who the depositor is. In any case, the current system is using the mag stripe so it too can be duplicated remotely (or just by sending out the card in the mail and using mobile payments in the meantime).

I’m not sure what kind of attack this would protect against? If there’s some kind of fraud that involves depositing cash I’m not sure why the cash can’t just be given/mailed/delivered to the account holder to deposit it themselves? Paypoint doesn’t check IDs anyway so there should be no difference between the real account holder depositing and someone pretending to be them with a screenshot of the barcode or a duplicated card.

(Brandon Billingham) #339

Agree, my nearest Paypoint is next door to a post office so it’s cheaper to pay the money into my starling account.

(Dan) #340

Used PayPoint to deposit cash for the first time today. Process was simple, fast, and painless.

No faffling about at the post office waiting in those long queues.

(Paul) #341

First time trying this. First newsagents refused to even try to do it :joy:, second shop was baffled and asked “what’s a Monzo” but I persuaded him to try it and it worked great.

(Liam) #342

I had an okay first experience today. I let the guy know that he needed to swipe the card and all was well.

Unfortunetly he typed the wrong amount in the first time. He then did a second transaction to make up the difference so I was charged the fee twice.

I wonder if their interface allows them to cancel a transaction in the first 10 mins or if that was the only option.

Either way the guy was lovely and busy so I left it. :slight_smile:

(Jonathon) #343

Should try and get the £1 back.

(Liam) #344

Thinking about it, but for £1 even the effort of sending an email wouldn’t be worth it. :smile: