Yolt is closing 😢

I don’t know… I have saving pots only + main account. Probably my issue is I move money a lot across my accounts (I have 3 bank accounts connected), and all those transactions are named after my own name, and I exclude them manually. Then I end up excluding a lot of these transactions that even I get so confused what I should be leaving there in the end. I also don’t like that my investment transactions are considered an “expense”. I get the idea that it’s because it comes out of my account, but then I think there’s a better way to represent it because it’s building asset, not expense.

I’m using money dashboard as it seems to be the only 1 that includes all the features for free.

I used snoop for a while and it’s good

Yolt was decent but closed down

Emma is nice but too many features behind a paywall

I really like in money dashboard it is mostly automatic but I can manually add the exceptions like my savings and mortgages and property to calculate my overall networth too

I use moneyhub which isn’t free but it’s only £9.99 a year of 99p a month.

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