Yolt integration

I have used a few banking aggregators and I think I’ve found the best and most useful in Yolt.

Can I suggest Monzo look at working with them with the launch of current accounts?

Yolt app


and Yolt is not just by some app company but with the backing of a bank ING

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I had a look at the app but deleted it when it asked for my phone number…

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I can vouch for it, having a job in fraud!

However as the guy above said. It is backed by ING.

They seem very responsive to feedback as it’s an open beta.


I was thinking more so from the spam text side of things…

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What spam text. I have never had spam from signing up to Yolt.

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I am not saying anyone has, I just don’t like giving my number out for something I want to test as I may or may not want to keep the app.


I really like Yolt. Anything that helps me look at my spending patterns and helps me make more informed choices is good for me! :+1:

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This is something that may need to wait for the full API to be released, many other services are also awaiting integration. I used Yolt for a while however I’d rather budget myself, from most of the apps I’ve tried, most of the time I find I’m limited by app capabilities.

Just noticed the post date, I may be a tad late giving a potential answer :joy:

This thread prompted me to take a look at Yolt. D/ld the app and signed up.

Then dug deeper and started to have second thoughts having mulled the level of access to finances required to really benefit.

Love the concept of open banking and a convinced Monzo user. But, but - something holds me back from services like Yolt.

Thoughts? Overly concerned? Fair concerns?

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Yolt is essentially a bank (spin-off) from ING. It has all the security protocols you would expect from a high street bank with an app.

However I understand the trepidation. Hopefully the new protocols in January will be easier for people to understand as they should be uniform across the financial sector.


Cheers Andy. I might just add one account and see how that goes.

Btw, hoping to get into the next Monzo Crowdfunding round. Money and mouth etc.

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Yep me too I tweet Yolt and they say they look into it

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Yolt has just introduced Monzo integration, so far works pretty smoothly!

It’s finally here :smiley: :tada:


I’ve just set it up and it looks awesome!

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It is good, but I prefer Emma for one good reason. Emma shows Monzo Pots and Starling Goals separately making your financial picture much clearer.


The problem with Emma is it doesn’t have custom payday or support major credit cards so it’s not an option


Yolt keeps crashing for me when accepting the Monzo authorisation email. It just loads indefinitely.