Toshl integration


have you consider to integrate with ? It’s a budgeting app that lets you connect all your bank account (for example, nationwide, BA american express, capital one, etc…) so you can track all your expenses across accounts. They’ve just lunched the integration with UK bank accounts, I wonder if Monzo will be available on there as well.

Services currently available:


Emma are integrated – – so it must be possible using the API. It probably just takes enough people asking for it for Toshl to do it.

Hi Daniele,

You’d need to ask Toshl if they can integrate to Monzo not the other way round. Monzo have an open API Toshl can hook in to but it’s up to them if they have the appetite to do so

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right, will ask them too!

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You can also use Yolt.

Can’t see them on the FCA register, who regulates them?

I don’t think they are handling any money, they just aggregate incomes and expenses, not sure if that requires a FCA registration

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interesting, they don’t seems to have a web app though

Yes it does but apparently they have til the end of 2019 to register as they started before 2016

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interesting, will ask them about that as well!

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