Worldwide list of FinTechs


Has anyone complied a master list of all the FinTechs?

With a lot more columns obviously like products they offer, rates, features etc but you get the gist.

Name Licence Cards Countries
Monzo Bank ( FSCS Protected) Mastercard Debit Card UK
Starling Bank Bank ( FSCS Protected) Mastercard Debit Card UK
Dozens e-money (only Cash Savings FSCS Protected) Mastercard Debit Card UK
Koho Not a bank (Fund held with Peoples Trust) VISA Prepaid Card Canada
Tandem Bank ( FSCS Protected) Mastercard Credit Card UK
Jaja Not a bank VISA Credit Card UK

It would be great to have a wiki style way to manage it. I’m tempted to build a website to do this.

Atom Bank

I reckon I could think of 30ish if I had a good coffee. I’m sure I’ve book marked a few over the years.

Theres probably hundreds out there just for the UK, thousands Worldwide.

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #2

Keep an eye on :

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Yeah I’m thinking initially banking/savings/money management (like Yolt/Emma) related but of course could be any category like Stocks and Shares/Investment (Freetrade,Wealthify), Insurance (cuvva,wrisk) etc

Basically any challenger trying to disrupt legacy businesses. Maybe like Autotrader to help search and compare products.

Probably a trending section too:

and maybe even what Tech they use:

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If you wanted to you could make your first post editable so that it could act as an open wiki in this thread.