Worldwide list of FinTechs

Has anyone complied a master list of all the FinTechs?

With a lot more columns obviously like products they offer, rates, features etc but you get the gist.

Name Licence Cards Countries
Monzo Bank ( FSCS Protected) Mastercard Debit Card UK
Starling Bank Bank ( FSCS Protected) Mastercard Debit Card UK
Dozens e-money (only Cash Savings FSCS Protected) Mastercard Debit Card UK
Koho Not a bank (Fund held with Peoples Trust) VISA Prepaid Card Canada
Tandem Bank ( FSCS Protected) Mastercard Credit Card UK
Jaja Not a bank VISA Credit Card UK

It would be great to have a wiki style way to manage it. I’m tempted to build a website to do this.

Atom Bank

I reckon I could think of 30ish if I had a good coffee. I’m sure I’ve book marked a few over the years.

Theres probably hundreds out there just for the UK, thousands Worldwide.

Keep an eye on :

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Yeah I’m thinking initially banking/savings/money management (like Yolt/Emma) related but of course could be any category like Stocks and Shares/Investment (Freetrade,Wealthify), Insurance (cuvva,wrisk) etc

Basically any challenger trying to disrupt legacy businesses. Maybe like Autotrader to help search and compare products.

Probably a trending section too:

and maybe even what Tech they use:

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If you wanted to you could make your first post editable so that it could act as an open wiki in this thread.


There are loads of prepaid card offerings in the UK alone. If you want a starting point, go through the following list - many of these firms offer several of these products.

I’ve previously been through each and every single one of them and some products are so niche, you wonder how they advertise and where they get customers from.

One of my personal favourites -

Ace Union Limited
AF Payments Limited
Airbnb Payments UK Limited
Airwallex (UK) Limited
Allied Wallet Limited
Allpay Limited
Allstar Business Solutions Limited
Alpha FX Limited
Altalix Ltd
Amaiz Limited
American Express Advanced Services Europe Limited
APS Financial Ltd
Argentex LLP
Avila House Limited
Azimo Ltd
Baker Commerce (UK) Limited
Bancom Europe Ltd
Belnax Limited
Berkeley FS Limited
Bilderlings Pay Limited
Billon Financial Ltd
BlaBla Connect Limited
Blackhawk Network (UK) Ltd
Boku Account Services UK Ltd
Cambridge Mercantile Corp. (UK) Limited
CashDash UK Limited
CashFlows Europe Limited
Caxton FX Ltd
CB Payments Ltd
Centtrip Limited
CFS-ZIPP Limited
Checkout Ltd
Circle UK Trading Limited
Clear Junction Ltd
Comcarde Limited
Contis Financial Services Limited
Cornercard UK Limited
Currencies Direct Limited
Decta Limited
Digital Capital Ltd
DiPocket Limited
Disberse Limited
DOCOMO Digital Payment Services AG
Dynapay Limited
EBANX Limited
Ebury Partners UK Limited
eCOMM Merchant Solutions Limited
Electronic Payment Solutions Ltd
Emerald Financial Group (UK) Ltd
eMerchantPay Limited
Emerge Global Ltd
Entropay Limited
Enumis Limited
Epayments Systems Ltd
Equiniti Global Payments Limited
Euro Exchange Securities UK Ltd
Euronet 360 Finance Limited
Fasterpay Ltd
Fidelix Limited
Financial House Limited
Fincofex Limited
FinPayTech Global Solution Ltd
First Rate Exchange Services Ltd
Fondy Ltd
Foreign Currency Direct Plc
Foreign Currency Exchange Limited
Givta Limited
Glint Pay Services Ltd
Global Star Finance Ltd
Google Payment Limited
GVS Prepaid Limited
Hermex International Limited
Hyperwallet Systems Europe Limited
IFX (UK) Ltd
iMillion Limited
ImpulsePay Ltd
Kitakami Limited
Little Starts Gift Vouchers Limited
Lycamoney Financial Services Ltd
Marq Millions Limited
Mercedes pay S.A
Mercury Foreign Exchange Limited
Merpay Ltd
MiFinity UK Limited
MIR Limited UK Ltd
Modulr FS Limited
Moneyfold Ltd
MoneyNetInt Ltd
Moorwand Ltd
MSBB Money Ltd
myPOS Europe Ltd
New Wave Capital Limited
Nochex Ltd
Nvayo Limited
One Money Mail Limited
One Stop Money Manager Limited
Optal Financial Limited
Optimus Cards UK Limited
Ozan Limited
Papaya Ltd
Park Card Services Ltd
Paybase Limited
Payen Limited
Paymaster (1836) Limited
Paynetics AD
Paynetworx Group Ltd
Payoma Limited
Payoneer (EU) Limited
PayrNet Limited
Paysafe Financial Services Limited
PaySend PLC
Paystree Ltd
Payxpert UK Ltd
PPRO Financial Limited
Prepaid Financial Services Ltd
Prepay Technologies Ltd
Privalgo Limited
Project Imagine Ltd
PSI-Pay Ltd
Revolut Ltd
Rightcard Payment Services Limited
Sabstone Ltd
Sage Payments (UK) Ltd.
Satispay Limited
Sedel Capital LLP
Segovia Technology UK Limited
Sepaga E.M.I. Limited
Sibilla Solutions Limited
Simplepay London Ltd
Skrill Limited
Soldo Financial Services Limited
Squareup Europe Ltd
Squidcard Limited
Straal Ltd
Stripe Payments UK Limited
SumUp Payments Limited
TalkRemit Limited
The ai Corporation Limited
The Currency Cloud Limited
The Foremost Currency Group Limited
Think Money Limited
Tide Platform Limited
Tor Currency Exchange Limited
Transact24 (UK) Limited
Transactive Systems Ltd
Transactworld Limited
TransferWise Limited
Travelex Europe Limited
Tuxedo Money Card Limited
UKForex Limited
Valitor Limited
VFX Financial PLC
Viola Money (Europe) Limited
Vitesse PSP Limited
Viva Payments Services S.A.
Webmoney Europe Ltd
WEX Europe UK Limited
WireBloom LTD
Wirecard Card Solutions Limited
WirePayer Limited
Wirex Limited
World First UK Limited
WorldRemit Ltd
WTUK Limited
YouPass Payments Europe Limited
YoYo Wallet Limited