Little Banks

Hey everyone,

Was just wondering if anyone can help me improve my list of smaller banks or little fintechs.

So far like off top of my head

  • Monese
  • Suitsme
  • Bankera
  • Hyperjar
  • Kroo
  • Curve
  • Algbra

If anyone can think of any others would be a great help!

Define little? Define fintech, for that.

Curve by transaction volume are pretty big, but by their deposit balance are almost negligible.

Do they have to have some sort of debit card? If so, does Cumberland Building Society count?

Triodos Bank should probably belong on list too, either way.


First that come to mind as smaller, more niche banks are Handelsbanken UK and Triodos.

How about cardonemoney? Thinkmoney

Also is this current account only? Thanks

Ekko but as above, it would be helpful if you were more specific about what qualifies

I guess.

Banks that issue either debit cards or credit cards.

The Bank of England publishes a list of banks in the UK every month. Plenty of smaller bank, but no fintechs would show up.


Science card (technically not a bank but an eMoney)