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Hi All,

I am looking for wordPress plugin that is effectivly like Google Transalate, so a search function that you enter in an English word it shows you how to pronounce it in say Polish via text and speech, it needs to have a simple import function and be able to easily add more languages in the future.

The import needs in 1st instance every word in the English Dictionary and the corresponding words to pronounce in Polish + others in the further so I would imagine a csv import the best?

I am not currently sure when this would be required as having a meeting with the client next Wednesday so just looking at prices and time frames that anyone could offer :wink:

If you want to PM me instead of replying thats fine with me :wink:


Not sure if this will work as you need (I’ve not tried it myself);

Its more of the idea/design like it not actually a transalte function :wink:

The magnitude of this job is huge if you break it down.

It’s all well and good translating words in the dictionary but when you start constructing sentences, words change order and meaning and sounds etc. Even more so in foreign languages. Then on top of this you want it to speak the phrases too?

This is a classic case of a client saying “I just want a search box like Google that turns up website results”. What they don’t realise is it appears so simple because of good coding and design. A project like this will easily set you back tens of thousands in my opinion, once you flesh it out properly and work out the time and expertise that is required.

Yep I understand that, I am currently under the impression that it is purley pronounciation of one word in english to X language, currently has Polish & Spanish.

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