Withdraw pots as shopping vouchers

Hi all,

Suggested this on Twitter but was asked to post it here.

I’ve built up a pot of around £50 by rounding up my payments which is great.

What I’d love to be able to do now is to withdraw that £50 as a shopping voucher such as an Amazon voucher.

Obviously I could just transfer it and buy a voucher, but it would be a lot easier to have this option.

Would be even better if Monzo could team up with the retailers like the cashback sites do to give a little bonus if you choose the option e.g. a 2% bonus on top of the balance.

You could even set a target or maybe something you’d like to buy so you could track how far you’ve got to go and be alerted when you’ve reached it.

Hopefully others think this would be useful too.

So you want your money given back to you in vouchers?
Sounds like a lot of unnecessary administration for Monzo.

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Maybe so, but I saw an article the other day from Monzo (possibly a quote from Tom) that Monzo was aiming to do the leg work for us on multiple fronts

This could count

Cannot say I had envisaged of it myself, but an interesting idea

Would this be for presents/gifting?