Wise Alternative For IBAN?

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Can anyone recommend an alternative to Wise for obtaining an IBAN for receiving international payments into my Monzo business account?

I understand Monzo don’t support payments and recommend Wise, but Wise has been problematic on sign up (two separate issues) and I’m looking for an alternative.


If you’re receiving a lot of international payments, I wouldn’t be jumping through hoops to get that money.



Starling Bank or Revolut :grin:

In both you can send/receive in :pound: & :euro: :+1:t2:


For the un educated on this, how long does an IBAN transfer take v a Wise transfer?

Monzo doesn’t give you an IBAN. You can generate it yourself online for free, but it’s not 100% foolproof.

I don’t think it’s a time issue, more of a risk that the money doesn’t appear.


Hey all,

Many thanks for the responses.

No, I’m not receiving a lot of them, maybe 1-2 a month and I don’t send any.

I don’t want to open up another bank account which if I understand right Revolut and Starling would require me doing? I was hoping just to keep it all connected with my Monzo account.

I think Monzo should look into supporting IBANs, it is a bit ridiculous at this stage that a proper bank account does not support the receipt of international payments.


The IBAN string:

<string name="profile_iban_label">IBAN</string>

was removed from the Android app in version 3.56.0 back in October 2020 and I don’t recall seeing any reference to IBAN in the app since - unless they’re planning to call it something else :man_shrugging:


Starling is bank, Revolut isn’t, but both are new accounts.

You can self generate an IBAN and hope for the best. Or use Wise. There’s no other way I know of if you want to use Monzo.


As you say this produces quite a high chance the money will go missing and be completely unrecoverable (I think basically if it goes through an intermediary it’s lost?). Probably not a sensible thing for a business to be doing!

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I’m surprised Monzo haven’t tackled this yet, seems weird they’d not support International payments if they sell themselves as/want to be taken seriously as a bank?

Anyway, Wise was a nightmare to sign up with which is why I was looking for an alternative (set up fees, broken verification pages) - So I won’t be bothering with them again.

As it happens I do have a Revolut account @Revels which I’d completely forgotten about so I’ll look at using that - thanks!


Be careful with Revolut as they may end up blocking your account if the abnormal inflow of international funds triggers their compliance controls. I do not trust Revolut one bit, in fact I had closed my account with them earlier this year.


Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I’ve used Wise for many years and have always found it very smooth. I’m not doubting it wasn’t good for you, but wonder if you maybe have browser content blockers that were causing problems with the verification? Also, there shouldn’t be any set up fees, do you mind sharing what kind of account you were trying to set up?

Additionally, as they’re not a bank, I wouldn’t be comfortable leaving any significant amount of money there.


Most people say the same but I had issues setting up an account with them years ago too, haven’t gone near them since and it’s one of the main reasons I kept my starling account (which is now my main account).

I do really think relying on a third party for international transfers is something Monzo need to fix at some point. Wonder what the holdup is.

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No content blockers or anything - I tried 3 different browsers and even with a VPN on/off.

Don’t want to rant or anything…But the experience went something like…

After making payment, the website decided to throw up an error and asked me to try again even though I’d already been charged.

Returning to the dashboard I could see that their system had recognised I’d paid, but now asked me to complete a verification process.

Go to the verification page, a single drop down menu asking me to choose what my business does etc. was broken - Click it, nothing drops down or shows.

Contacted their support, I wait 12+ hours for someone to get back to me, only to be provided with a URL taking me back to my dashboard. I then try the Verification option again and this time it appeared to work, but now it asks me to scan a QR code on my phone.

Needed to download a separate app to scan the QR code, it loops me back to a login page which I then re-enter my password on, on logging in its back to the QR code page again asking me to SCAN AGAIN.

I then use their “Can’t scan QR Code” option, it gives me a URL, the URL loops me back to the same page AGAIN.

Almost funny really - I ended up asking for a refund and requesting they close the account.

A shame really because it seemed like a pretty good service. Maybe I’m just cursed or something!

The fee was £16 - For a business account, they called it a One Time Set Up Fee or similar.


Ah, I see, I don’t have any experience with their business account (didn’t even realise they had this as an offering!). Yeah, that does sound ridiculous, maddening, and comedically funny all at once. :weary:


Honestly, your best bet is to change from Monzo to Starling.


When I receive a European transfer to my Starling Euro account via IBAN - it sometimes appears on the same day if it’s sent early enough but generally the next day. Over the weekend it credits on the Monday or Tuesday.

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I use self generated IBAN for one payment a month maximum - so far seems to work fine but amounts are small (sadly)

Bunq offering ‘local’ Dutch, German & French account numbers and now Spanish IBAN’s.

And USD accounts too!

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