Winding down of prepay card

It comes down to more than just number of energy units used. Almost two million homes have overnight storage heaters and are therefore likely to be on Economy 7 meters. You need to more than units used and total price paid to know how to offer a better deal. That’s just one example.

I would personally love us to have an integration with Nest. Then you’d really have access to all the data with regards to heating :grinning:


You’d know when the heating was on, but not the cost of said heating though (in kwh or £).


I mean, the Nest that I have was installed in collaboration with the energy supplier (Octopus) so in situations like mine, you could integrate with both.

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Does Nest store your tariff information or your usage? And does it know your electricity usage? It’s a thermostat rather than a meter.

Probably more like, “you could save money by turning your thermostat down a few degrees”

It stores your usage, yeah. It develops a smart schedule based on your usage. Since it’s supplied by the energy company, shouldn’t be too hard to integrate with all the data.

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The Nest Learning Thermostat does not, the Nest Service can know about non-heating energy usage though. Providing the supplier supports it, the thermostat is aware of the Energy Rush Hour state for different energy types and can adjust different heating or cooling methods to most efficiently use avalible offers. It can also propagate that information out to other devices on the Weave network that can do something more useful with the rush data (washing machines, dryers, etc.).

The Energy API for Nest does have endpoints for smart meters to include their data in Nest Home Reports, however I do not believe any products actually integrate this yet. It’s an area to look out for in future Nest and Works with Nest announcements though. Especially now the company is stable again. :wink:


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